Who We Are

We are architects who provide solutions to complex problems in a wide range of markets: residential, commercial, industrial, furniture, fixtures. If done right, architecture will create positive experiences for both individuals and communities.

Relationships drive our work. This isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a daily practice. We make a personal investment in client interactions, site characteristics, community relationships, and team dynamics. From our carefully assembled team of skilled architects to collaboration with our network of local craftsmen and fabricators to our art-appreciating clientele, each interaction is valued and essential to the process.

Our Mission

As Miscione Design Studio, we promote positive experiences by designing architectural space and objects. We gather teams of collaborators: clients, design professionals, engineers and craftsmen, who collectively support our craft of architecture.

Our Process


  • We listen.
  • We study the site.
  • We study the community.
  • We study relevant precedent from the best of what came before us.


  • We identify problems.
  • We form a team.
  • We test ideas.

What follows are bespoke design solutions that exhibit timeless and lasting quality, at every phase of the project. We employ a collage of techniques, from tools of the hand to AI robotics to achieve outcomes.

Our Values

Strength • Beauty • Truth • Universal Design • Efficiency • Process • Sustainability • Partnership • Evolution through Decay

  • Truth and transparency are the roots of how we define authenticity in design.
  • Intimacy with how we approach our work makes each project memorable and personal to us.
  • Timelessness is essential; we design for evolution through the aging and decaying of designed architecture over time. Our projects are designed to outlive us, and we aim to celebrate evolving structures.
  • Cooperation with fabricators and builders helps us design and fabricate each element as an essential part of the whole.
  • Craft matters. We celebrate custom fabrication and construction through every phase of a project, from start to finish. We create timeless architecture that ages gracefully through time.
  • We delight patrons of design with bespoke office spaces, luxury homes, and custom suites of furniture. Our clients are as enthusiastic about the process as we are, and ready to dive deep.

We’ve committed to state of the art design methods in our practice, but we continue to use “tools of the hand” in our daily process.

Project Types

Product Design
Furniture Design
Consulting & Coordination

Nick Miscione, AIA, LEED AP Design Principle

Licensed Architect: Colorado & New York