Nick Miscione


Born into a family of artists and architects, Nick began his professional career with a focus on custom architectural design, fabrication and structural engineering. Nick has worked with several reputable design firms over a span of two decades:  Sand Studios (formerly South Park Fabricators), GFDS Engineers, and Lundberg Design in San Francisco. Evans & Paul in New York City, and CCY Architects in Basalt, Colorado.

As the chair of the Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission for 8 years and a Carbondale Planning & Zoning commissioner for 7 years, Nick is helping to draft zone text amendments to Carbondale local codes that aim to preserve and protect the historic fabric of the town of Carbondale and promote the existing pedestrian scale of main street.

In addition, two decades of technical experience on complex collaborative efforts (including The Aspen Art Museum, Google Campus in California and the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC.) support his bold sense of design, which he has applied daily to a variety of project types.

Nick takes overall responsibility for all aspects of work produced by MDS, specifically helping to ensure the success and quality of the built result. He will also be the ultimate contact person for the Client to assure their satisfaction at every stage and will ensure that all documents and communications are clear, comprehensive and timely.  His experience with producing construction documents will be leveraged from the beginning of the design process to include integration of all project factors through construction administration into our BIM software platform.  He will also be responsible for code compliance, technical performance of the facilities and the integration of engineering disciplines.